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CIRCUMSPICE. The last word in the motto of the State of Michigan. Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice. If you seek a pleasent penninsula, Look about you.


Look About You. There is so much going on around you it is often difficult to take it all in. Even more difficult is to try and capture it all in one viewfinder dictated image. These images are made of five individual film negatives, The negatives come from a Wide Lux camera and create longer negatives than the standard 35mm camera. The camera has a rounded back and a rotating lens effectively photographing a 120° angle of view. From directly overhead to straight down, the five images capture 1/3 of the visual sphere dancing around me.


This series also reflects my facination with the way in which human vision collects and processes glimpses, glances, and views over time and assembles them to create an internal picture that is truly a product of the-mind's-eye.


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