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The immediacy of making, editing, and sharing images of one's self is a fundamental hallmark of the digital phone/camera age. I wanted to explore how that is reflected in self-representation.


This series started when I noticed a similarity of self portratis people posted to their facebook account. These self portraits, "selfies" (Do I really have to say that word? Geez, I am an adult!) seem to display an awareness of self presentation that is both deliberate and practiced; these people know how they want to present themselves and how the phone/camera will see them.


The original pictures are mostly made with cameras imbedded in cell phone avoiding the awkwardness of pictures made with cameras of past generations which were both awkward to turn on one's self and delayed in the availability of the final pictorial results.


Process: four to six portraits were copied from a person's facebook account - with permission. (Appropriation and unintended mass promulgation are topics for a different project.) Using photoediting software each portrait was blended with another non-portrait picture from the same event. Those combinations were then stacked, aligned, and blended. Never printed, these will remain digital images only.



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